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Shower Screens Townsville

We are the local shower screens Townsville specialists for the best frameless glass shower screens and the ever sleek and very affordable semi-frameless glass shower screens Townsville. Regardless of whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing dwelling, there is no doubt that you want a great bathroom with the a real wow factor and today, a sleek modern glass shower screen Townsville is an absolute must.

Today, the true main centrepiece of any high quality bathroom is of course its shower. We know that this can be a real haven for our clients and offer a place to treat themselves to a bit of luxury and leave behind their worries. There is no better complement or addition to your shower than our frameless glass shower screens Townsville!

Frameless shower screens Townsville are made from toughened glass and each panel carries the Australian Standards logo, so that you will be fully guaranteed and assure of its legal compliance and of the safety of your family and guests. The Townsville glass shower screen panels are held in place by discreet spigots and clamps with no frames used in any way.

For a more cost-effective option while still retaining a modern touch, semi-frameless shower screens Townsville will  also provide a modern, unobtrusive alternative to frameless glass shower screens Townsville. Aesthetic Glass Townsville is proud to offer over 20 individual designs by Dias Aluminium Products.

Our glass shower screens are fully customisable with not only a wide selection of hinges, brackets and handles, but even opacity. We know that a lot of time and thought goes into the design of bathroom, whether in a new home build or as part of a long-awaited renovation, and we want you to know that we understand just how important it is to have everything be perfect.

Get in touch with us today for your free, no-obligation quote for your next semi-frameless or frameless glass shower screen Townsville!